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Our Upcoming Webinars

All webinars will be held from 12:00-12:30 PM CST

February 28th
Deciding Between Saving or Paying Down Debt: Which is the Right Approach?Register
March 27th
Taxes and Investing: Tips to Become a More Tax-Aware InvestorRegister
April 18th or April 22nd
Estate Planning SeminarsRegister
April 24th
Crafting Your Financial Safety Net: Steps to Establishing an Emergency FundRegister
May 29th
Breaking the Chains of the Debt Cycle: A Practical GuideRegister
June 26th
Navigating a Major Purchase: Steps to Assure a Financially Responsible ChoiceRegister

PCIA Events: Opportunities in 2024

Our favorite way to connect with our clients and those hoping to partner with us in the future is through live and in-person events. We value each opportunity to meet with you and discuss your goals and potential strategies we can employ to help you achieve them. During our events, you will have the opportunity to ask any question you’d like, and we are proud to use our platform to create a space where attendees feel comfortable asking questions while hosts and panelists place education at the top of their minds. You can view each of our events and RSVP to attend below!

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Making Sense of the Market 2024
Roth vs. Pre-tax
Taxes in Retirement
Establishing Healthy Family Finances
College Planning
Retirement Readiness
Social Security & Medicare 101
Making Sense of the Market 2023

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