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Rich Laing

Wealth Advisor

Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC

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Rich has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial services and entrepreneurial fields, helping individuals, families and business owners achieve financial security and create plans to expand their empires, grow their wealth and protect what’s important to them. Believing in a foundation of relationships, Rich has a diverse client base, and he knows that each person is different. That’s why he leads with education and a goal to instill confidence and achieve peace of mind.

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Financial stability and prosperity should not be a luxury. With the right plan and the proper of level of dedication, anything is achievable.”

— Rich LaingChase Your Goals on Your Terms.
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How We Help

Rich Laing and the rest of our team at Prime Capital Investment Advisors are proud to provide holistic financial services that account for each aspect of your life. Whether you’re looking for assistance for your individual needs, the needs of your family or the needs of your business, we’re here to assist you and offer customized service geared toward your unique objectives. With the proper guidance, we believe that any goal is achievable. It simply takes the determination to bring it to life.
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Wealth Management

As wealth managers, our goal is to establish a comprehensive, customized portfolio and plan to build wealth based on your unique goals and circumstances. That means analyzing your current assets, your timeline and your tolerance for risk, then weighing those factors against the strategies we employ to achieve your objectives. Then with your ideal lifestyle as the destination, we can determine a portfolio allocation that matches your financial objectives while developing a plan to help protect the money you need for the future.

Financial Planning

Prime Capital Investment Advisors is a holistic financial planning firm that helps you achieve your life’s greatest ambitions, milestones and goals while guiding you toward a work-optional lifestyle. With custom strategies for your portfolio as well as the day-to-day management of your finances, we can tailor a plan to your circumstances and your needs, allowing you the room to grow while also shielding funds that will be necessary for the eventual expenditures you will incur from the perils of the market.

Legacy Planning

You’ve worked extremely hard to accumulate your assets, and you should have a say in how they’re distributed when you pass. That’s why we help you pass on tax-advantaged wealth with a legacy plan that predetermines beneficiaries and strategies to mitigate financial obligations. This can also allow your heirs to grieve in a time when they need it most while also saving them from expensive probate courts that never had the chance to understand your goals or values and could potentially drain funds you intended for your family to have.

Life Insurance

While life insurance can still offer the classic benefit of the protection your family may need in the event of untimely death, it can also be a valuable tool for you, your children or your grandchildren to use during life. Permanent policies may also offer a cash value portion you can contribute to and borrow from in retirement to create tax-free income, and hybrid policies can protect you from expensive costs of long-term care if you need it while still providing a death benefit if you don’t.

Private* and Alternative Investment Options

Private and alternative investment options are typically opportunities to invest in or provide capital to a company just getting off the ground. Oftentimes, this can allow you to purchase positions at the ground floor, potentially making these connections valuable. They can, however, be treacherous without the proper financial advice, which is why Prime Capital Investment Advisors allows you to leverage our connections and relationships to find exclusive investing opportunities that may align with your position and your goals.
* Accredited and/or Qualified Client status may be required. For more information, click here.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Corporate retirement plans are designed to help both you and your employees. Your employees can benefit from these types of plans with tax-advantaged retirement accounts that allow them to save for the future. They might also accumulate funds in those accounts in either a tax-deferred or tax-free manner, giving them an opportunity to leverage those advantages based on their circumstances. As an employer, these plans can help you retain the type of top talent that pushes your business forward.

Business Succession/Buy-Sell Agreements

If you’re a business owner, your company is likely your livelihood and ideally even your professional dream. We believe that dream deserves protection, and you should be able to dictate what happens to it after you exit. That’s why we help you create a plan for succession or to sell your business, giving you the power to determine who oversees everything you’ve worked so hard to build. If you decide to sell, we can also help you purpose your proceeds to be used for retirement or to be transitioned to your heirs.

Employee Education

We firmly believe that the first step toward financial security is proper education. That’s why we work with business owners to provide employee education courses. These courses cover their benefits and how to leverage their funds to provide for themselves in retirement. From life and health plans to employer-sponsored retirement accounts to general tips they can use to make their savings last longer and create income streams to fund their dreams, your employees can gain a better understanding of their holistic financial picture.

Key Person Insurance

As a business owner, it’s only natural to worry about what might happen should key employees or executives no longer be able to work for your company. That’s why it can be so important to secure key person insurance, giving you peace of mind and the belief that your business can keep moving forward, even if you happen to lose someone important to its growth. We can also help you develop succession plans to ensure that your goals and desires are met and exceeded through future generations of your company’s management and ownership.

Corporate and Foundation Cashflow/Investment Analysis

Efficiency is key in the advancement of a business or a foundation, and we can help you find areas to improve. By streamlining processes and overseeing investments, our team is ready to function as an extension of your company with a promise to always look for new ways to help you grow. From corporations to nonprofits, we’re well-versed in strategies that can help a business maximize its potential, and we know where to look for ways to enhance cashflow. We’re also experienced in helping business owners reach their growth potential, and we can devise a plan that places your unique goals at the forefront of our minds.

Backed by a Full Financial Arsenal

At Prime Capital, we believe in a foundation of collaboration and communication, and no matter who you’re working with on our team, you get the full backing of more than 100 PCIA team members with thousands of years of combined experience. We maintain that this is the best way to conduct business, and it allows us to bring simplicity to complex issues. Our holistic financial planning services for individuals, families and business owners are customized to your needs, and we focus on zeroing in on those needs before creating a plan, giving us a firm idea of your philosophy and your goals. This is a personal partnership, and we’re ready to get started on a path that leads you to safety and security throughout your career and life.

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At Prime Capital Investment Advisors, we continue to grow and make waves in the marketplace. With that comes a lot of resources, and the more resources we have, the better it is for my clients.”

— Rich LaingChase Your Goals on Your Terms.

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Our opinion that education and financial literacy are paramount is upheld by our commitment to keeping our blog updated with the latest tips, tricks and news in the industry. Through consistent communication and deconstruction of complex concepts, we aim to help you understand your financial plan just as well as we do. View all of our blog posts below!

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